Network & Communication Solution

Network scheme, stationary and wireless equipment

Infrastructure and Maintenance

Our company will design, supply, install, test and maintain all kind of internal and external network whether your requirements are voice, data or video we will assure the usage of the best cabling structure and top brands. In addition, we will guarantee a smooth and positive network operation for the client and the best after sale services and maintenances if required.

Wi-Fi and SIM Signal Booster

We also provide signal solutions for extra coverage all over the premises and according to the client needs we will inspect and select the suitable devices. These, devises will convert the weak signals to powerful strong signals for SIM card, mobile phone and Wi-Fi connection.

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Telephone and Intercom system

We also design, supply, installs, test, and maintain telephone central systems which range from analogue, digital, PBX and IP. These systems are used in both residential and commercial premises. The company also offers intercom devices which can work alone and it can be connected to the telephone central in order to open the gate from the telephone extension.

Point to Point (P2P) and Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

The company offers the best Point-to-Point connectivity for short and long range locations using the best devices available in the market. This service is used in the private & government sector such as hotels, companies, warehouses and factories to link software (data) and to connect video (whether CCTV monitoring or visual communication) and to connect audio (IP phones) Moreover, DIA is sometimes required to accumulation the P2P solution especially in areas (isolated areas) where normal internet is unreachable.

Satellite Master Antenna Television

We can also plan, installs and maintain a network of cables and specially designed devices that process satellite dish and distribute them from one central location to multiple displays to avoid a great number of individual dishes on the roof of the building. This service suits different kind of premises such as hotels, residential, office and hospitals – anywhere that you want to control a multiple TV receivers from one central location.

Public Address Systems (PA System)

Our Company can design, supply, installs, test, and maintain a system of microphones, amplifiers, and loudspeakers to broadcast speeches, prayers and announcements indoor and outdoor.


Nurse Call System

The company can also create a flexible, highly reliable & secure nurse call systems for hospitals and health care organizations. This system combined the use of software application that integrates critical messaging and reports it into the nurse station desk.

Master Clock System

يOur Master Clock System sends the correct time signals to all other clocks, keeping them accurate and synchronized. Any amount of clocks could be added within the master clock system. Optimize employee time, maintain accurate time records, and promote efficient productivity in the workplace. The system is easy to implement, simple to use, and able to synchronize time throughout any size facility.

Audio Visual Systems

The company can provide you with the perfect audio visual technology which is easy for you to use. Our supply of equipment include Interactive LED touch screens, interactive projectors, interactive whiteboards, digital signage, video Conferencing, LED & plasma screens, speakers, microphone, recording devices and AV control systems. These audio visual technologies can be used in the education sector, meeting rooms, language lab and in houses (home theater)