Security Solution

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Our company offer surveillance camera which includes indoor and outdoor cameras for day and night vision. These cameras vary from dome, bullet, box and PTZ. The cameras which we use are equipped with high resolution lenses to ensure a high quality image with the possibility of controlling sound & picture remotely for all the sites in the same time and in the same place.

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Time Management System and Time Attendance

We also offer time attendance devises by using fingerprint, face recognition, employee card and number. In addition these devises can print event log for everyone who entered and exited the premises.

Access Control System and Parking Barriers

The company also offers access control system to secure the shops and office doors either by using the same time attendance device or a separate device. We also offer parking barriers to ensure that your parking space is reserved for you alone.

Entrance to a modern underground car park

Burglar Alarm System

Our company will design and custom wired/wireless security system that is best for your needs. Whether it’s a large sized business, or a small housing unit, we can guarantee the right alarm system for the client. Theses alarm system includes motion, smoke, heat, door and glass break detectors.

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Fire Alarm System

تWe also offer a peace of mind fire alarm systems and services along with after sale service on details of usage. In addition, there are two types of fire alarm systems the company provide:

Addressable Fire Alarm System

We also offer an addressable fire alarm system which is similar to the conventional system but the addressable system is more reliable because of the following:

  • It can quickly determine the location of a fire.
  • It can be programmed by the user (specific action can be triggered for a specific response)
  • It can handle false alarms better.
  • It has a lower overall cost.

Non Addressable Fire Alarm System (Conventional)

The company offers a non-addressable fire alarm system which contains zones. These zones are built from a group of automatic fire detectors such as flame, smoke and heat detectors. These detectors are connected to control panel and a manual calling point such as glass breaking button. In the event of a fire being detected either automatically (through the detectors) or manually (through the calling points) the system control panel will run the alarm.